Modifications – Done Properly

It’s quite tempting when you own a caravan or motorhome to whip out the toolbox and do a few little modifications so it better suits your needs.

Why DIY modifications are not a good idea

The thing is – as tempting as it might be – it’s not always a good idea to do these things yourself.  Here’s why.

  1. Insurance. If you have an accident, one of the first things an insurance company will do is inspect your van for any modifications that could affect the handling of the van, and then weigh it. If the weight is above the ATM stamped on the compliance plate, they may not pay claims.
  2. Safety. It’s not only the brakes, tyres and suspension that might suffer from weighty additions and modifications, we’ve seen cracks in the chassis caused by loads far above the manufacturer’s ATM.
  3. Warranty. Some caravan warranties become void if modifications are carried out by anyone other than an authorised repair agent.

A better idea

You don’t want your safety, warranty or insurance compromised. We know what can be done and what shouldn’t be done when it comes to modifications.

Whatever type of modification you need we can talk you through your options.

Typical Modification: Fitting an Ensuite to a Traveller Van

The bunks before the modification

Ensuite installation in progress

Bunks gone, ensuite tucked in

Wiring and plumbing in progress

Toilet and vanity fully installed

Fully enclosed shower

Here’s just a few of the many modifications we undertake regularly.

  • Bed Conversions: at first it was just you two, but now the little people have come along and you need somewhere for them to sleep.
  • Eating Areas: If you decide you don’t like your L-shape eating area and would prefer a café dinette instead – we can help.
  • Ensuite: you’re sick of long midnight treks and need a comfy, efficient ensuite.
  • Self Sufficiency: you’d like an extra water tank fitted so you’re more self-sufficient.

Total honesty

The one thing we definitely promise is that we will be totally upfront with you about the options, the costs and the implications. And we’ll let you know if we think that you would be better off spending your money on a different van, rather than modifying it.  This is not always what the customers want to hear but we would rather be upfront that see people overspending on older vans and not getting their money back when it comes time to sell.