Towing tips – things you should know

Every weekend in the news it seems there is a caravan roll over or accident on our roads.  Some (not all) of these accidents can be prevented with a better understanding of some simple towing tips and having the correct weight distribution throughout the caravan or even Al-ko ESC fitted if needed (this will be [...]

Spring is here – Time to go camping!!

For some of us that feel the cold, winter is not a good time to go caravaning, but the start of spring is when we start thinking about going away in our caravans.   Depending on where you are camping, how long you are staying and the distance you need to travel to get to your destination [...]

Protecting your Caravan from Water Damage/Leaks

One thing we see all the time in our line of work is rotten timber frames on Caravans and motorhomes.  Sometimes the owners are completely unaware until they come in for a hail damage re-sheet, or it has deteriorated significantly.  This can be a devastating blow to owners and can make repairs more costly and [...]

Tips when buying a Caravan

Buying a caravan is such an exciting time but there are so many aspects and things that need to be considered during this process.  We are constantly getting asked by our customers for advice on which caravan to buy, etc and while we don't give any advice on brands, as everyone has their own preferences, [...]

The fun of winter camping

The weather is starting to cool down now and most people think having a Caravan /RV is mainly for the summer months but personally I look forward to the winter months as it allows for bush/free camping adventures. We have found some lovely spots to duck away for the weekend with friends or family and enjoy [...]

We have moved!

Some of our customer will already be aware but if you weren't, we have moved.  Don't worry we haven't gone far, still located in Ormeau and still very easy to find. As some of you no doubt know moving house is a terrible job but we can tell you now that moving workshop is even [...]

Keeping Your Cool When Camping

It’s lovely being out on the road in summer, finding beautiful spots to camp, relaxing away from work.  Where you’re biggest decision all day is whether to go swimming or fishing first. The only downside (apart from flies and mozzies) is keeping cool when the heat becomes a little unbearable.  And when you’re hot – [...]