Get Those Niggling Repairs Taken Care Of Properly

When you’re on the road in your home-away-from-home, it’s often the little things which can frustrate you.

Something breaks or doesn’t work properly any more – just when you really need it. Left unrepaired it will probably get worse and may cause peripheral damage to other components and become a bigger expense (and stress) than it should.

We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Just some of the repairs we do every week

  • Roof reseals – to prevent any nasty leaks
  • Fix digital and satellite antennas and receivers – to ensure you enjoy TV wherever you are
  • Fix door and cupboard catches and locks – so your possessions stay safe and secure
  • Gas equipment repairs – to keep you safe and cooking (undertaken by a qualified gas fitter)
  • Replacement of gas struts to front boots – often not repairable, replacement is easier and cheaper
  • Repair or replacement of awnings – so you and your things stay dry
  • Water damage and leak detection – left unchecked water damage can spread rapidly
  • Slide-out repairs – so your unit slides easily and smoothly over and over again
  • Replacement showers – important for eliminating water damage and keeping your van hygienic
  • Timber frame repairs – we replace rotten timber to restore strength and stability

We replaced the rotten areas of the floor and sanded it all – ready for a new floor

New vinyl floor is super smooth and very stylish

The tedious but important process of removing rotten laminate – caused by water damage

A rotten timber frame revealed – ready to replace and restore van strength and safety

Replacing an old cracked shower unit with a stylish new compact unit

Repairs to a slide out unit – we removed the jerks and made it glide perfectly