Insurance Work a Specialty

At Caravan Perfection we perform caravan insurance repairs for all insurance companies.  Hail damage, storm damage, accident damage, replacement or repair of awnings… we do it all and it will be done properly the first time!

We do a lot of insurance work, because it’s a fact of life that vans get damaged during storms or in accidents. It can be a very stressful time for van owners, even if it is not their fault.

We do everything we can to remove your stress and have your vehicle fully repaired and looking as beautiful as it did before, if not better.

Is your insurance coverage adequate?

Unfortunately sometimes it’s not until an insurance claim is made that the owners discover that their cover is not enough.

We’ve had several clients with hailstorm cover suddenly discover that their policies did not provide adequate coverage for damage rectification or van replacement.  They had to face the decision to either fund the shortfall themselves or buy a second hand caravan.  And of course they’ve lost all the accessories they’d added over time, which means more expense to replace all these items as well.

What to check right now

The best advice we can give is to check your policy’s schedule for values at renewal time or before you embark on your next trip. Imagine how you would feel if your van was written off and you didn’t have the funds to buy something similar.  This is extremely important at the moment with long delays being experienced for new vans and a shortage of quality and not too expensive second hand vans.

What to do when damage happens

  1. Call the insurance company and lodge a claim
  2. Call us and provide your claim number and we will organise a time for you to drop your RV in for us to photograph and prepare a quote or depending on timeframe we can come to you to quote for hail damage repairs (within a certain distance) .
  3. We submit the quote directly to the insurance company on your behalf
  4. Once approval is given we book your van in to get repairs underway (Note: depending on the type of damage the insurers may send out an assessor before giving approval)

During the repair process, as we’re pulling things apart, we inspect everything carefully to make sure there’s no undetected damage or issues that become apparent when we’ve the stripped panels away.  If we find anything we let you know straight away so you can pop in and inspect it and review the options.  We are well known for being thorough and upfront throughout the repair process.

All you have to do is contact us and we look after the rest